Canberra Residences Project Details

Life At Its Finest. Live To The Fullest

Reflections of Space
Spatial Design

Welcome to a resort-inspired enclave that seamlessly blend its inhabitants, both nature and humankind, in tune with the ageless chords of peace and harmony. Spanning the entire sanctuary, the landscape is likened to a paradisaical valley of rocks, trees and water. The curious shall traverse deeper, into an endless vista of floral splendour, as the richness of the valley graces those who enter. This is Canberra Residences. An abode that is a stone’s throw away from conveniences – a paradise that you delightfully call home.

Welcome The Exclusivity
Nestled in the tranquility of Sembawang, Canberra Residences combines sumptuous luxury with a modern minimalist style amidst the freedom of wide open spaces. The spaciousness, serenity and breathtaking scenery of the residences and the landscape exemplify a ‘Green Sanctuary’- where the luxuriant foliage is a refreshing reminiscence of a rainforest. From the moment you drive into the basement car park, you are embraced with an aesthetic appeal that makes living a dreamy experience. Here, you can be yourself and free your senses!

Enjoy the Spaciousness
Stroll, or jog, you will discover the different natural terrains of the rain forest trail that fringes the entire sanctuary.

Indulge Your Passion
Immerse yourself into the 50-meter pool, wading pool or cavern spas, that are smack right in the heart of the residences nearing a host of lesiure amenities of pavilions, barbecue puts, water lounge, Jacuzzi, gymnasium by the waters, children’s playground and a private clubhouse – all of these ensconced amidst the tropical green landscape, just like in a alluring resort paradise.

Exploring The North
Embark on a fascinating sojourn into urban heartlands and nature sites as you venture along the meandering 25km park connector loop. As you pedal along on a bicycle, or take a leisurely drive, you will experience the laidback yet scenic neighbouring communities. Flora and fauna habitats are in abundance, and simply breathtaking… and Canberra Residences is at the heart of it all.

Relish Good Times. Delight In Luxury
Bosch-Invented For Life
Branded kitchen appliances will ensure hassle-free preparations of culinary delights for you and your family’s enjoyment.

At Canberra Residences, you are assured of premium quality sanitary fittings with a touch of class for luxurious living.

Chic and contemporary sanitary wares will harmoniously complement the trendy architectural designs that seamlessly blend form and function in immaculate fashion.

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